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Did you eat a lot of eggs at Easter? The reason eggs are associated with the spring and Easter, is that eggs symbolize the renewal of nature after the winter. Birds lay eggs, a new generation is born and nature wakes up again.

Here is a funny bird that you can make with paper bowls. For this project, I haven't tried to be too realistic: I represented a sitting bird! For the colours, just follow your inspiration; make an imaginary bird if you like.


The document that accompanies this video includes patterns for the wings and for different beak shapes.



Before they can lay their eggs, some birds must first make a long return journey from the warmer regions they migrated to in the fall. Canada geese generally come back around this time. Last year, some were seen on February 21, but that is an exception.

I represented a flying Canada goose using oval paper plates. This is a beautiful project to illustrate a lesson on bird migrations, for example. Hang it from the ceiling in your classroom or in a child's bedroom!

Canada Goose


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