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Hi %recipient.firstname%,


Do you remember the pendant project with fused beads, that I published last week? Here is a bonus to complement that gift: matching earrings.



Are you looking for a quick craft that kids can make for their mom, dad, or grandparent? Look no further. Here is a collage made with the outlines of a child's hands.

It's not complicated and it makes a giant card that says "I love you".



Because you are a Pro

In honour of all those born under the Zodiac sign Cancer, here is a Zentangle colouring page representing that sign.

Zodiac: Cancer

Also this week, we published: a spot-the-differences game with African animals, a mandala, a maze with frogs,

African Animals Mandala 71 Frogs Maze

a pre-writing exercise, a colouring exercise based on the table of 3, a colouring page with storks,

Pre-writing 20 Table of 3 (multiplication and colouring) Storks

a gardening sudoku, a connect-the-dots picture, and a counting exercise.

Gardening Sudoku Sun Count the Chickens


More ideas for homemade greeting cards:

Tulip Card Card with hearts Butterfly Card Tiny Hands Valentine Card


Have a great week!


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