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Spring is finally here! Well, depending on where you live, maybe winter has been over for a long time already. Or, if you live in the southern hemisphere (and there are quite a few Animaplates fans out there), autumn is just starting for you.

Here is a series of projects that are applicable whatever the season is that you are experiencing. These are four trees painted with the forearm and the fingers, representing the four seasons of the year. This project allows each painter to literally leave their "imprint" on their work.

Finger paint: Spring Tree Finger paint: Summer Tree Finger paint: Autumn Tree Finger paint: Winter Tree

Click on each picture to see the video demonstrating the project.


With two paper bowls, you can make a birdhouse for small decorative birds. I bought ready-made birds, but you could even make them yourself.

The document for this project comes with teaching suggestions for installing a real birdhouse.



Because you are a Pro

With your Pro membership, you receive credits that you can use to purchase "premium" documents on the website. But did you know that certain premium documents are free for Pro members?

See for example the Bunny Hat that I published a few weeks ago, as well as several of our paper bag puppets. And, of course, you have unlimited access to the puppet plays and all the printables.

Chapeau Lapin

Another good reason to have a Pro membership !


More painting projects for spring:

Wall border with tulips and butterflies Potato Printing Tulip Card Cherry Blossoms


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