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There is a lot to be learned about bees. Did you know that many flowers have ultraviolet designs that attract bees but that we humans cannot see? And how about the "dances" that bees perform to "tell" each other where to find the best nectar?

Bees collect nectar to make their honey, but while they are doing that, they carry pollen from one flower to the next, helping in the reproduction of plants. This way, they play an essential role in Nature.

Unfortunately, the survival of bees is in danger. This problem is often ascribed to the toxic effect of certain pesticides. On the occasion of Earth Day (April 22), let's think about the consequences of our lifestyle and the impact it has on animals. Endangered species are not only big animals like the Bengal tiger or the gorilla, but also small animals like the bee.

To mark this occasion, I created a little bee that can be used as a finger puppet.



Another useful insect, which fortunately is not endangered yet, is the ladybug (or ladybird beetle). It is useful because ladybugs eat aphids, small insects that feed on plant leaves (one ladybug can eat between 90 and 270 aphis per day!)

Here is how you can represent a ladybug using a cell of an egg carton.



Because you are a Pro

Here are a few printables with bees: a spot-the-differences game, a colouring page and a maze.

Gathering Nectar Bees Bee Maze

Printables are included with a Pro membership !


More project ideas for Earth Day:

Stained Glass Planet Earth Whale Earth Pudding Polar bears and global warming


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