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Next week it will be May 1st. In some countries (in France for example), that date is celebrated with little white bell flowers: lilies of the valley. That is an ancient tradition, reportedly dating back to 1561, when King Charles IX gave the ladies of his court a sprig of lilly of the valley as a good luck charm.

You can adapt this custom to modern times by making a greeting card with a 3-dimensional lilly of the valley. Here is a first example made with Magic Nuudles ®.

Card 1

Another technique is to use cells of an egg carton to represent the flowers. That makes a beautiful and very special giant card.


These cards are also a great gift for Mom, for a birthday, or just because.


Talking about egg carton projects, did you see my little ducklings? With a group of children, each can make their own personalized duckling and they can do a race. Suggestions for a gameboard are included in the document. That's also a great counting exercise!



Because you are a Pro

Here are a few printables with ducklings: a connect-the-dots drawing, a directed colouring exercise ("colour each box with the colour indicated by the number") and a grid for learning to draw a duckling.

Duckling Swimming Duckling Duckling (method 2)

Printables are included with a Pro membership.


More projects made with egg carton:

Spider 1 Little apples Little turtle Clown Nose


Have a great week!




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