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One of the great joys of giving (and receiving) gifts is the wrapping. That's true for little kids who often play more with the box than with its contents, but it's also true for adults.

In my new video, I show how to make a nice box to hold a small gift. Often, small gifts are the ones that are most appreciated, and you can decorate this box in your own special way to complement its content.


I went wild and made almost a dozen boxes that I decorated in various ways. See the results on my blog!



An example of what you could put in the little box is a pendant made with fused beads. If you haven't celebrated Mother's Day yet (dates vary by country), this is a pretty gift for Mom. And if Mother's Day is already passed, make it for Mom's birthday or get ready now for next year!

You can even use the same technique to make a key fob.



Because you are a Pro

Do you know picture sudoku? The principle is the same as for regular sudoku, but instead of numbers, you have to put pictures in the grid.

To make these brain teasers accessible to children the grids contain 4 by 4 squares, and the printables contain the pictures needed to complete the grid.

The instructions given on each printable are: Cut out the pictures you need and complete the sudoku. Each picture must appear only once in each row, in each column, and in each square of four boxes.

Here are some of the more than 100 sudokus available with a Pro membership ! Solutions are included.

2D Geometric Shapes Sudoku Cats Sudoku Outdoor Play Sudoku 2 


Make earrings to go with the pendant, or get inspired by one of these other projects:

Earrings 3-D Lily of the Valley Hat made with a Camembert box Bouquet of roses


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