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The day after tomorrow, June 21, is the summer solstice, i.e. the day with the longest period of daylight in the Northern hemisphere.

It's also Make Music Day, an annual celebration created in 1982 by the French Ministry for Culture. The goal was to create a day when there would be music everywhere, a day when anyone could make music and everyone could listen to live music, for free.

Thirty-six years later, Make Music Day is now celebrated in more than 800 cities in over 120 countries. It really is a worldwide event!


If you don't have any musical instruments, you can make them yourself. Like, for example, this tambourine made from a Camembert cheese box.


And here are some other musical instruments that you can make yourself:

Monkey Drum Cheesebox Drum Tambourine Maracas


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Among the perks of Pro membership is unlimited access to all our printables, and free access to many premium documents. For example, here are some of the printables related to music.

There are two picture sudokus: one with percussion instruments and one with other musical instruments.

Percussion Instruments Sudoku Musical Instruments Sudoku

There are several connect-the-dots pictures, e.g. a drum and a violin. And a directed colouring page with a xylophone.

Drum Violin Xylophone

There is also a crosswords puzzle with the names of musical instruments and a maze where you must find your way to a saxophone.

Musical Instruments Saxophone Maze


Have a great musical week!




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