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Summer brings a lot of pleasures, but there are also aspects that are less fun. One thing that I really don't like, are wasps circling around us as soon as they smell sweet drinks or food.

One way to keep wasps away is to make them believe they are inside the territory of another wasp colony. You can do that by hanging a fake wasp nest somewhere in your backyard.

Here is how you can make such a decoy wasp nest using paper bowls.



Wasps may be aggressive, but that's not the case for most species of bees. And because bees make honey, I find them a lot more pleasant than their cousins.

As an activity for a summer day when the heat or a storm keeps the children indoors, here is a little bee finger puppet.



Because you are a Pro

On the topic of bees, you will find several printables: a colouring page, a maze,

Bees Bee Maze

a spot-the-differences game and a page for learning to draw a bee..

Gathering Nectar Draw a Bee


And here are more easy-to-make litte insects:

Little Ladybug Caterpillar on a Clothespin Butterfly Magnets Grasshopper made with a Clothespin


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