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The new Animaplates website is online! I hope that you enjoy the updates and enhancements that we have made. Don't hesitate to contact us if you find a problem; nobody is perfect :-) You can also leave comments and suggestions on the blog post describing the recent changes.


I noticed that pirate costumes are popular all year round. On Animaplates, you will find the pirate hat, the eye patch and the hook. There is also a treasure chest. I just made a new video where I show you how to make a pirate hook.


Apparently, the image of a pirate with a hook for his hand has its origin with Captain Hook in the story of Peter Pan. The author of this story seems to have taken his inspiration from the real-life privateer Captain Christopher Newport, who lost an arm in a battle and went on for twenty years, raiding Spanish and Portuguese ships in the Carribean and helping to establish the colony of Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in North America.


No pirate without a ship, of course. The Animaplates ship is made with paper plates for the hull as well as for the sails. Ingenious, isn't it?

Pirate ship

The document for this project contains the illustrated instruction for making a ship with one, two or three masts, and all the patterns for two sizes of paper plates. There even is a crows nest!



Because you are a Pro

Animaplates has a large selection of pirate themed printables: mazes, colouring pages and directed colouring exercises, for example.

Pirates Maze Pirate Ship Pirate 2

There is also a classify-and-count exercise, a connect-the-dots drawing and a picture sudoku.

Classify and Count - Pirates Island Pirates Sudoku


More projects for pirate themed activities:

Pirate's Hat Eyepatch Treasure Chest Pirate Raft


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