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For Father's Day, how do you tell Dad that he is the best in the world? This creative project allows kids to say it with a trophy that proclaims it for everyone to see.

This is an easy project that uses recycled materials.



Did you know that in Spanish, the word "sombrero" designates any type of hat, both for men and for women? On the other hand, in English the word is used for a special type of wide-brimmed hat popular in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

For Father's Day, here is a project that represents a small version of a sombrero.


The document for this project includes a simplified version for the little ones, as well as some interesting facts about sombreros.


Because you are a Pro

In preparation for International Make Music Day (June 21), here are new printables on that theme for our Pro members.

There is a Zentangle colouring page of a guitar, a saxophone maze, a directed colouring page with a hidden xylophone, a colouring page with a cat orchestra, a sudoku with percussion instruments and a connect-the-dots violin.

Guitar Saxophone Maze Xylophone
Musical Cats Percussion Instruments Sudoku Violin

And also: a spot-the-differences game with a snail, a mandala, a pre-writing exercise and a counting and adding exercise (numbers up to 10).

Snail Mandala 73 Pre-writing 22 Classify and Count - Transportation 2


Some other project ideas for Father's Day:

Card with Ties for Dad Pencil Holder Baseball Cap for Dad Fimo clay Key Fob


Have a great week!


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