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Do you know what a Google Doodle is? I am sure you have seen one: they are these images that Google displays for a limited time on their search page, usually honouring a current event (or something that has happened on that day in history). Worldwide, the Google search page is seen over 5 billion times a day.


Now you have a chance to play a part in creating a Google Doodle for Peace Day, celebrated every year on September 21. The organization Peace One Day is calling on all teachers and educators to tell their students about Peace Day and to encourage them to create a design that combines the idea of peace with the Google logo. The organization will then submit the designs to Google.

Click on the picture below for all the details, including a lesson plan.



If there is one animal that symbolizes the idea of peace, it is the dove. You can make the Animaplates peace dove using an inexpensive paper plate, using the patterns provided in the document.



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This week, even if you don't have a Pro membership, you can download this Peace Day poster for free. Get it while you can!

Peace Day Poster


And here are some other paper dove projects, and a colouring page:

Paper Dove Paper Doily Dove Origami Dove Dove


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