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At this time when we go back to work after the summer vacation, I think of theMaria Montessori's quote that is reproduced at the bottom of this letter: Play is the work of the child.

Playing teaches children many things, and games are a very effective way to improve reasoning, strategy and planning, as well as teamwork and the importance of respecting others.

Here is a game that is easy to learn: checkers (or draughts, if you prefer). In my video I show how I made the checkerboard and what I used as game pieces.


The document contains templates that you can print to make the checkerboard. Go ahead, it's free!


The rules of chess are more complex that those of checkers, but that didn't hold back a teacher in Saint-Antonin (Quebec, Canada). She made the Animaplates giant chess set with her 5-year-old kindergarten pupils.

And the activity didn't stop there; the children also had access to more traditional chess sets and to a computer, to allow them to further develop their understanding of the game.


I have organized giant-chessman-making workshops myself, and I was always impressed by the creativity of the children, who didn't restrict themselves to black or white pieces.


You will find the instructions and patterns for making each of the pieces of this giant chess set on the Animaplates website.



Some other games you can find on Animaplates:

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Have a great week!





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