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Did you think that elephants were the biggest animals on Earth? They are not: blue whales are much bigger. Just their tongue can weigh as much as an elephant! That may be something for pachydermaphobes to keep in mind :-)

Blue whales can be up to 30 m (100 ft) long. To feed their giant mass, they ingest up to 3600 kg (7900 lb) of krill (small shrimp) per day.

Where it gets really impressive for those of us who have had a baby, is that a whale calf can weigh 2500 kg (5500 lb) and measure 7 m (23 ft) long when its born. The gestation period is 10-12 months. After the calf is born, it drinks 300 to 500 litres (100-150 gallons) of mother's milk per day.

Blue whales are an endangered species. There are only 10 to 25,000 individuals left in the world's oceans.


Let's bring these gigantic dimensions back to our proportions and let's make a whale that swims without getting wet!

Here is a little whale that you can make with an egg carton. My secret? I let it swim on a crumpled sheet of tissue paper!



Autumn leaves are a virtually endless source of inspiration for art projects. For example, rub with a coloured pencil over a sheet of paper to obtain the imprint of a leaf, and you will be creating images that are both natural and original.

I show this technique in my video about Leaf Rubbings.

Leaf Rubbings


Because you are a Pro

You will find several autumn printables on our site. For example, colouring pages, a connect-the-dots picture, picture sudokus:

Falling Leaves Mushroom Autumn Leaves Sudoku

For older kids, there are crosswords and word search puzzles, like these:

Autumn (American spelling) Autumn



Here are more activities that you can do with autumn leaves.

Leaf Silhouettes Autumn stained glass craft Toothbrush Splatter Paint Dried Leaves Composition


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