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For some children, mental arithmetic is not easy to learn. Here is a concrete support that you can make to help them. It allows them to "count on their fingers" and visualize the number of fingers that each number represents.

My new video show two ways to make these hands that help with learning.



When the book "The Elf on the Shelf" became popular, the only version of the elf that you could buy in the stores was a blue-eyed little boy. Times have changed, and now you can get versions where the elf is a little girl, and elves that have dark skin and brown eyes.

With my Christmas Elf project, you can of course decide for yourself what colours you will use to make this little creature. That's one of the advantages of "home made" !


The Elf on the Shelf "tradition" is not without controversy. See what our occasional contributor Francine wrote on this topic.


More Christmas projects that are worth starting early:

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