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Sometimes I wonder: Why are snowmen are so fascinating? Is it because they resemble us humans (more or less)? Is it the pleasure of creating something special out of snow, a substance that has neither shape nor colour?

Whatever it is, making snowmen is an activity that children love. When there is not enough snow, they can create these snowmen entirely without snow. You can recycle almost any container to make this projet: glass or plastic jar, plastic bottle, etc.

In my new video, I show three examples, but everyone can of course follow their own inspiration...



The Jewish holiday of Hanukah falls sometimes around Christmas, but this year it starts early: on the evening of December 2nd.

The chanukiah is a candle holder with nine branches used to mark the days of Hanukkah. In the models with oil, the middle flame is used to light the other eight, one each day during the eight days of Hanukkah.

I designed a child-safe chanukiah, where the flames are represented by LED candles. This is a nice way to involve children in the celebration of this holiday.



If it is Christmas that you're celebrating, build a giant nutcracker or get together with a group of friends or colleagues to do it! Get the instructions in PDF format or in the form of a printed book and you will see exactly how to proceed!

The book is also a thoughtful gift for a creative person on your list!


If you like nutcrackers but you don't have room for the giant model, see this model that is 20 inches (50 cm) high.



Whatever holidays you are celebrating in December, here are some other projects that represent candles:

Making a Recycled Candle Christmas Candle Ice Sculpture Candle Holder


Have a great week!





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