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I have to make a confession. I love Christmas ornaments. When I travel and I see a Christmas store, I find it very hard to resist, even in the middle of summer. My excuse is that the ornaments I buy abroad are souvenirs of my trip, and I really enjoy rediscovering them every year in December.

But I like hand-made ornaments that I received as gifts even better. Maybe that's why I love creating ornaments that you can make yourself and that are also suitable to be made by children.

Here is a Christmas ornament made with dried autumn leaves. It's easy to do and it doesn't require any expensive supplies.



And here are more home made Christmas ornaments:

Christmas Ornaments Skate Christmas Ornament Christmas Tree Ornament Christmas Stocking


The tradition of exchanging gifts around the date of the winter solstice is very old. It originates in the feeling of relief that people experience when the days grow longer again, and in the conviction that the spring will return after the winter.

The catholic church merged this tradition with the legend of Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra (localted in what is now Turkey). It should be noted that in the Julian calendar (in use until 1582), the feast of Saint Nicholas falls on December 19.

Saint Nicholas is said to have performed many miracles, the most famous being that he would have saved three children that had been killed by a butcher. That would have led to the tradition of giving gifts to children at Saint Nicholas.

In our current calendar, Saint Nicholas' feast day is December 6. You can mark this day with this little mitre (Saint Nicholas' bishop's hat). It can be used as a napkin ring or you can put candy in it.




Smart gifts

Are you looking for gifts for children who have already many toys and spend too much time in front of a screen?

I discovered sturdy and durable games that encourage kids to manipulate real physical (not virtual) objects. By solving the proposed puzzles, they develop their spatial intelligence and their problem solving skills. And more importantly, these games are really fun to play (at any age!).

Read my reviews on the Animaplates website, or click on one of the images below to see where you can buy these games.

Day and Night Little Red Riding Hood Castle Logix


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