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Hi %recipient.firstname%,


Tomorrow is international Make Music Day. The Animaplates website contains several projects for building musical instruments that really work.

Like, for example, this drum made from an empty cheesebox.


You'll find other ideas at the bottom of this letter.


Because you are a Pro

This week, in honour of Make Music Day, we published a sudoku with musical instruments.

Musical Instruments Sudoku 

And here are two printables related to the Zodiac sign of the Lion (yes, we publish zodiac signs one month ahead of their date): a Zentangle drawing and a directed colouring page.

Zodiac: Leo Lion 2

In addition, you will find the following new printables on the website: a spot-the-differences game, a mandala, a maze with an ant, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with a locomotive, a connect-the-dots train and a subtraction exercise (numbers up to 10).

Fruits Mandala 75 Ant maze Pre-writing 24
Locomotive Train Subtraction #3


More musical instruments that you can make yourself:

Monkey Drum Cheesebox Tambourine Tambourine Maracas


Have a great week!


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