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Last year, I published a video showing how you can make pompoms yourself. That method used cardboard circles.

Here is another method, that simply uses a fork. The size of the pompom will depend on the width of your fork. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the Tips and Tricks section of the website!


The Animaplates website contains several projects that use pompoms. Here are a few examples:

Snowman Beaverly Mask 3-D Cat Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet


Because you are a Pro

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This year, we will continue to add new printables every week. There will be something for everyone!

Here are the new printables published last week. First, colouring pages with penguins: a simple colouring page, a zentangle drawing, and a connect-the-dots picture.

Penguins Penguins (Connect the dots) Penguins

Also: a mandala (our 104th !) and a pre-writing exercise.

Mandala 104 Pre-writing 53

And finally, two visual discrimination exercises: a spot-the-differences game and a maze.

North Pole Treasure Island Maze



Have a great week!





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