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In a few days, there will be a total lunar eclipse. There won't be another one until May of 2021!

In North and South America, the eclipse will be visible in the evening of Sunday January 20. In Europe and Africa, it can be seen in the erly hours of Monday January 21.

To find out more about lunar eclipses and to learn why the Moon appears red during an eclipse, watch this video with Mr. Owl.



The lunar new year, i.e. the Chinese New Year, starts on February 5. In China, this is a 15-day long holiday that ends with the Lantern Festival, when children and their parents go out on the street, carrying a lantern.

On the Animaplates website, you'll find several ways to make lanterns, like for example this model made with a Camembert cheese box.



Because you are a Pro

Every week, this year, we will publish ten new printables.

This week, we're starting a new series: classic sudokus. These are traditional grids with 9 x 9 squares that must be filled with the numbers 1 to 9. Each printable contains 2 sudokus. The solutions are included.

Classic sudokus are interesting challenges for older children... or for yourself!

Classic Sudoku 1

There is also: a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page, a connect-the-dots picture,

Pre-writing 54 Dachshund  Sweater

a mandala, a zentangle colouring page, a spot-the-differences game, an addition exercise, a page for learning to draw a locomotive, and a maze.

Mandala 105 Cup 3 Forest Animals 2
Additions in a train Draw a train Penguin Kids Maze 



There are many ways to make snowmen while staying warm. Here are a few:

Snowman 3 Little Snowman Finger painting a snowman Three Snowmen


Have a great week!





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