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Were you able to see the lunar eclipse Sunday night or Monday morning? It was too cloudy where I live, but I found this picture taken in Belgium. I am sorry I missed the real thing!

Lunar eclipse of 2019 January 21, Belgium

Photo Donarreiskoffer [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons


As I said last week, Chinese New Year starts on February 5 this year. This will be the Year of the Pig. It is said that people born in the year of the Pig are honest and reliable, and they enjoy the good life.

The Pig is your sign if you were born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 or 2007.

In honour of the Year of the Pig, I made this puppet from a paper sandwich bag. You can also use the patterns to make an articulated paper pig doll, and you can of course use this character to animate the story of the three little pigs!



According to the Chinese zodiac, Pigs are not particularly thrifty. Nevertheless, our tradition is to make piggy banks in the shape of a... pig.

Here is a pig made with paper bowls. By making an opening in the top, you can actually use it as a real piggy bank.

Piggy Bank


Because you are a Pro

This week again, I started a new series of printables for you: Sudoku 6x6. Just like the Sudoku Junior that you can find on my website already, the grids are filled with pictures, but since these new grids have more squares, they are a bit more challenging. Of course, the solutions are included.

The first printable in this series is very appropriate for the season, because it has pictures of winter hats.

Winter Hats Sudoku 6x6

You'll also find a Zentangle colouring page representing the year 2019.


This week we also published: a connect-the-dots picture of a seal, a counting exercise, a directed colouring drawing, a maze, a spot-the-differences game with a panda, a mandala, a colouring page with a dog and a pre-writing exercise,

Seal Count the Objects 3 Loveable Teddy Bear Snow Angel Maze
Panda Mandala 106 Dog 4 Pre-writing 55



Here are some other puppets made with a paper bag:

Paper Bag Dog Puppet Paper Bag Horse Puppet Paper Bag Robot Puppet Paper Bag Monkey Puppet


Have a great week!





P.S. The little image at the start of two paragraphs of this letter is the Chinese symbol that means "pig".


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