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Today is the start of Chinese New Year celebrations. Is the Pig your sign, or do you know someone who was born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 or 2007? Here is your chance to learn more about that person. Just watch my new animated video!



If that video makes you want to create an Animaplates puppet, see the pig puppet project, or another of the many other puppets that you can find on my website.

The documents that come with these projects contain all the explanations and patterns you will need.



Next week is Valentine's Day. Here is a nice home made gift. I had created this as a Mother's Day gift, but this heart shaped pendant is also great for Valentine's Day.



Because you are a Pro

In honour of Chinese New Year, we published a zentangle colouring page of a pig. And for Valentine's Day, there is a sudoku 6x6 with hearts.

Pig Valentine’s Day Sudoku 6x6

And, of course, you also still have access to the sudoku junior with hearts, the cats and heart maze, and the Valentine's Day crossword puzzle.

Among this week's other new printables are a colouring page with a deer, a mandala, a pre-writing exercise, and a connect-the-dots picture of a hand fan.

Deer Mandala 108 Pre-writing 57 Hand Fan

You'll also find a math and colouring exercise, a directed colouring page, a spot-the-differences game with a cat, and a maze with a girl looking for her cupcake.

Eggs (math and colouring) Moon Cat Girl and Cupcake Maze



And here are some more project ideas for Valentine's Day:

Stencil for Valentine's Day Bouquet of hearts Valentine Card Card with hearts


Have a great week!





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