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Beaverly travels

Welcome Beaverly into your classroom for a month

  • Enjoy an exciting activity that will delight your students
  • Receive resources that will help motivate young readers
  • Share your experience on our blog
  • Get a gift membership to thank you for your participation

In September 2017, Beaverly will go on a journey. She will visit many schools during the school year.

During her trip, Beaverly will help teachers and educators to motivate kids to read. This activity is mainly intended for classes from Junior Kindergarten (4 years old) to the Second Grade (7-8 years old).

SuitcaseThe puppet will spend a month in each school, with its little suitcase full of activities. At the end of that period, Beaverly’s “Guardian” will pass the suitcase to a colleague in another school.

The intent is that Beaverly’s journey will lead her all around Canada and maybe even into the United States. The journey starts in the Ottawa region. I will personally deliver the suitcase to the first school.

For more details, see the various sections below. If you would like to be Beaverly’s guardian for a fortnight, fill out the registration form:


Why this journey?

Using a friendly puppet, we want to help promote reading among children aged approximately 4 to 7.

To this end, we offer you resources to complement and enrich your reading activities, from junior kindergarten to grade 2.

How does it work?

Beaverly is a beaver puppet that travels in a little suitcase which also contains books and other resources  for organizing activities around reading.

Each teacher who is interested can have Beaverly in their classroom for a period of a month. At the end of the period, the teacher commits to pass the puppet and its suitcase to a colleague in another school, preferably in another city; the goal being to make Beaverly travel as far as possible.

As a thank-you, each “guardian” will receive a gift and we will publish their story on the Animaplates website.

What's in the suitcase?

The suitcase contains:

  • The Beaverly beaver puppet
  • A stand to hold the puppet when you are not using it.
  • 5 books with age appropriate stories
  • Instructions for accessing special activities on the Animaplates website, in a section reserved for Beaverly’s Guardians:
    • An illustrated story in which Beaverly tells how she came to leave her park and look for new books to read
    • Instructions and patterns for a craft activity where kids will make a beaver mask
    • Printable activities related to animals of Beaverly’s forest: picture sudoku, colouring page, connect-the-dots, maze, spot-the differences, etc.

What will I have to do as Beaverly's Guardian?

During the month that you have Beaverly’s suitcase, make good use of all the activities. Tell the story of Beaverly and her friends in the park, read the books that are in the suitcase or have the children read them, do the activities that you will find on the Animaplates website, make beaver masks with your students, etc.

If one of the books is lost or damaged, I ask that you replace it with a book of equal value. Aside from that, the contents of the suitcase must remain intact from one guardian to the next.

At the end of the month, give the suitcase to a colleague, preferably in another school at a certain distance (at least 10 km) of yours. The goal is to make Beaverly travel far!

What happens when the visit is over?

Once you have transferred the suitcase to a colleague, and that colleague has confirmed to us that they received the complete suitcase with all its contents, we will thank you by sending you:

  • a gift certificate for an Animaplates Pro Membership;
  • a second set of printable activities.

I hope that you will also send me a picture of your school and a short report of your experiences, for example which book(s) the children particularly liked and why. I will then make a video where Beaverly reads your report (or part of it, if it is too long) and that video will be published on my website and on YouTube.

How does the suitcase get from one school to the next?

Each guardian is responsible for transferring the suitcase to the next guardian. To help you, you will have access to the list of teachers who have volunteered to be a guardian.

We hope that you will be able to deliver the suitcase in person, for example by going to a nearby city, or by meeting the next guardian halfway.

Animaplates is not able to organize transportation or to refund your expenses. On the other hand, you will receive a gift when the suitcase reaches its next stop.

What if I would like to participate?

Do you want to be Beaverly’s guardian for a month? Just fill out this form.

Your information will not be made public, but we will enable the other guardians to contact you in order to help them find the next stop on Beaverly’s journey.

Can I participate without being Beaverly's guardian?

Yes! Join Beaverly’s Book Club and you will have access to several reading motivation resources. The Club is open to everyone who works in education. If you change your mind, you can always check the box “I want to be a guardian” later.

Pro members will also have access to all resources, even if they don’t sign up for Beaverly’s Book Club.

Will I be able to follow Beaverly's journey?

ParcoursCanadaEnYes, we ask each guardian to write a short report that we will publish on Beaverly’s Blog.

In addition, there will be a map on our site where we show how the journey progresses.

I have another question

No problem. Just fill out the contact form and I will answer you as fast as I can.