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Christmas Posts

Egg carton mushroom

With imagination, egg cartons can be used in all kinds of art projects. And what better way to recycle? The mushroom project is a nice little project for Fall, when mushrooms are most abundant in nature. Making a mushroom from egg cartons is a good way to integrate Art with Science topics. It is a …

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Ornaments made with puzzle pieces

Aren’t incomplete jigsaw puzzles frustrating? The reward for long hours spent completing a puzzle is to finally see the complete picture. So when you think you have finished but you realize some pieces are missing, you may be tempted just to throw the whole thing away. Wait! Keep your puzzle because it is not completely …

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Advent calendar

Do you know the origin of the Advent calendar? Advent calendars originated in Germany. Their goal was to help children wait for Christmas day. Advent calendars have changed quite a bit over the years. In the 19th century, in certain protestant families, children would receive a religious image every morning during the 24 days leading …

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History of the Christmas Tree

During the winter holiday season, Christmas trees are just about everywhere you look. Many families set up a tree in their homes, they decorate many shops, malls and office buildings, and giant trees are often set up in town squares and parks. Despite their familiarity, Christmas trees have a history which is long and unknown …

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A Christmas tree with paper plates?

Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s the challenge I took on in November 2010. Mind you, it wasn’t the first time because in 2006 I had also participated in the “Trees of Hope” competition that takes place every year to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This time there was an additional challenge: in the category …

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