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Earth Day Posts

Making a giant globe together

Earth Day is right around the corner. The one day we take time to really celebrate the magnificent globe that brings us all our bare essentials and necessities. Really, it’s a day we should have more often, but alas there’s just this one. Give your kids and group the best Earth Day activity with our …

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Jonah and the Whale

The Bible is full of meaningful stories, and if you are planning vacation bible school activities, you should definitely consider vbs crafts as a way to illustrate Bible stories and help the kids understand and remember them. The story of Jonah and the whale has two memorable elements that can be illustrated with craft activities: …

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Why do pandas eat bamboo?

Giant pandas are bears, hence carnivores. But their main food source is a plant: bamboo. And the disappearance of bamboo, due to the clearance of forests, is one of the most important factors threatening the survival of pandas in the wild. So how come that the panda, that like all bears should be carnivorous, got …

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Earth Day is every day

Earth Day should not only be in April, but all year long! For instructions on how to make this project, see our free video and printable worksheet.  

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Activities for Earth Day

It is important to make children aware of the importance of environmental issues and a very good way to achieve this is through concrete activities that they can participate in. An art activity can be an opportunity for a relaxed discussion and learning will often be more effective in this way because the children are …

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