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Nature and other Adventures

More Robots

Children kept coming to my “Craft Corner: Robot Workshop” at the Canada Science and Technology Museum all week, to build the robot of their imagination. Already more than 560 robots built, and there are two days left… Creativity abounded. See for yourself! Some comments from participants: Great activity for all ages!  Very well organized. Very …

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History of the Christmas Tree

During the winter holiday season, Christmas trees are just about everywhere you look. Many families set up a tree in their homes, they decorate many shops, malls and office buildings, and giant trees are often set up in town squares and parks. Despite their familiarity, Christmas trees have a history which is long and unknown …

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ACELF congress

Animaplates had a very successful presence at the 65th ACELF congress in Montreal and I am very happy that I was able to meet so many teachers and educators in person. Many were thrilled at the prospect of integrating subjects through visual arts. Cross-curricular integration helps students grasp new concepts because they can view them from …

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Experiencing nature on a family outing

Nature is for me a source of inspiration and I love art made with natural materials.  But frankly, ”Animastones” are too hard for me! Recently I went hiking with my family in Aiguebelle National Park (Quebec). I always considered it very important that children discover nature and realize how valuable our environment is, and how …

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Animaplates at the AFESEO forum

Animaplates had a big booth at the annual provincial forum of AFESEO, an association of early childhood educators. This conference took place on May 5th. During the intermissions, many participants came to see our booth, which was decorated with the new Animaplates look. As in previous years, this was a marvelous opportunity for me to …

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a priest who died as a martyr. He was executed by the Romans on February 14 of the year 269. At the time of Valentine, Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” had abolished marriage. He had a hard time recruiting soldiers and thought that married men would not make good soldiers because they wouldn’t …

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Why Pumpkins at Halloween?

Many children want to know where the tradition of carving pumpkins originated from. This tradition actually dates back hundreds and hundreds of years ago and was an integral part of the Celtic religion. Before October 31 was known as Halloween, it was known as Samhain, a Pagan holiday that celebrated the conclusion of summer along …

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A Christmas tree with paper plates?

Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s the challenge I took on in November 2010. Mind you, it wasn’t the first time because in 2006 I had also participated in the “Trees of Hope” competition that takes place every year to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. This time there was an additional challenge: in the category …

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