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OK, I'll admit, the title of this email exaggerates a little bit. I don't have 1001 projects to show you, but I will present five different activities with Easter bunnies.

Let's start with a recipe. These Easter Bunny Breads are as fun to make as they are delicious when they are baked. The kids will definitely want to help you in the kitchen to make them for Easter breakfast.



Without any baking, you can make a bunny puppet. It's a must-have character for Easter stories and many other children's tales.

Here is a model made with paper bowls:



And here is a bunny made from a paper sandwich bag. The free document contains patterns for several variations. The patterns can be printed directly on cardstock paper.



For the younger ones, I propose to you a painting activity with a potato and a fork. It's fun and easy to do for everyone!



And let's not forget the Easter Bunny project I presented last week:

Bunny Cup


Because you are a Pro

The new printables published this week offer a great variety: a counting exercise, a maze, a zentangle colouring page, a pre-writing exercise, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a scorpion, two classic sudokus and a connect-the-dots drawing.

Count the Objects 5 Dog and Bone Maze 3 Hot Air Balloon and stars Pre-writing 66
Mandala 117 Draw a Scorpion Classic Sudoku 7 Bee and Flowers

We also published two new printables with Easter bunnies: a spot-the-differences game and a colouring page.

;Easter Bunnies and Eggs Easter Bunny and Butterfly



Here are some Easter projects without bunnies:

Easter Tree Easter Basket made of fabric Easter Bonnet Hen and Nest


Have a great week!





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