Project ideas for Earth Day and Spring.
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Spring is hesitating to come. Rain has replaced the snow, and soon Nature will don its green colours again. Birds will make their nests and ladybugs (also called ladybird beetles) will come out of their diapause (a dormancy period simiar to hibernation). They will go back to work, which, as far as we're concerned, means eating aphids. (Ah! to be able to combine a job with eating...)

To make a spring greeting card with ladybug illustrations, try this printing technique with a wine cork. It's easy and the result is so cute!



Another way to represent ladybugs is to print them using potato stamps. This technique allows you to make bigger ladybugs.



Next Monday (Easter Monday) is also the day we celebrate Earth Day. Here is a nice activity to do with a group of children: make a giant globe of the Earth, supported by the children's hands.



Because you are a Pro

Two new printables with Easter eggs this week : a zentangle colouring page, and a sudoku 6x6.

Easter Eggs Easter Egg Sudoku 6x6

You'll also find: a directed colouring page with carrots, an adding and subtracting exercise with colours, a spot-the-differences game, a maze, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page, a mandala and a connect-the-dots drawing of a dog.

Two Carrots Flowerpot (math and colouring) Sea Creatures 3 Laudry Maze
Pre-writing 67 Hen Mandala 118 Dog with a bow tie



More Easter project ideas:

Potato Printing The secret to colouring Easter Eggs Stained Glass Easter Egg Easter Card


Have a great week!





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