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Last year I showed you an Easter bonnet decorated with flowers. Then I thought: why not do something totally different and decorate a hat in the shape of the Easter Bunny !

In this new video, I show you how to make a bunny hat, with floppy ears and a pompom tail at the back. You can even make your rabbit juggle some Easter eggs (plastic eggs, preferably ☺ ).


By the way, did you know why rabbits have a very visible white tail? It's to confuse their predators when they are being chased. The predator focuses on the white spot, and when the rabbit makes a sharp turn, the spot disappears and the predator has to readjust its focus, giving the rabbit a few precious seconds to escape.


Easter is early this year: Sunday April 1st (it's not a joke). With that in mind, here is another project idea that you can find on the Animaplates website. It's a stained glass egg made with tissue paper. I have noticed that stained glass projects are very popular with kids!

The pattern for this decorated egg is free for all our members.

Stained Glass


Because you are a Pro

Here are some of our Easter Egg themed printables: a connect-the-dots egg, a counting exercise, a picture sudoku, a colouring page, and a maze.

Easter Egg (connect the dots) Classify and Count - Easter Easter Egg Sudoku
Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Maze 2

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More Easter egg projects:

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