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I reviewed a new game, and I can tell you I like it very much! The game is "Little Red Riding Hood" by SmartGames.

To play Little Red Riding Hood, you choose a challenge and place Grandma's house, the trees and Little Red Riding Hood on the plastic base as shown on the picture of the challenge. And then you must find the right path that brings Little Red Riding Hood to her grandmother's house. Have a look at the video!


You can buy the game here.

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Halloween is next week. If you are looking for creative activities, go to the Halloween section of the Animaplates website!

For example, here is a finger puppet bat. The downloadable document contains the patterns you need to help you easily make this project.



Because you are a Pro

Among our Halloween printables, you'll find crosswords, word search puzzles, addition exercises, colouring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots drawings and much more.

Halloween Halloween Addition - Halloween
;Ghosts Haunted House Maze Pumpkins



More Halloween activities:

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