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Board game review: Little Red Riding Hood (ages 4-7)

The game “Little Red Riding Hood” by SmartGames is a puzzle game and a fun way to help children improve their concentration and problem resolution skills. It is a beautiful game that is built to last a long time.

The game consists of a plastic base, 5 tiles each with a path segment with colourful flowers, as well as 3 fir trees and a house. There are also two figurines: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

In the box of the game, you will also find a picture book version of the fairy tale. The picture book has no text and therefore can be read and interpreted without any language barrier.

To play Little Red Riding Hood, you use a booklet that contains 48 colourful challenges. There are 24 challenges with Little Red Riding Hood alone and 24 challenges where the Big Bad Wolf joins the game. The difficulty increases as you advance in the booklet.

Choose a challenge and place Grandma’s house, the fir trees and Little Red Riding Hood on the plastic base as shown on the picture. And now it’s up to you to find the right path that brings Little Red Riding Hood to her grandmother’s house. Choose one or more path segments to create the path. There is only one solution for each challenge.

When you play the challenges that include the wolf, you will have to create two paths, one for Little Red Riding Hood and another for the Wolf. At the bottom of every challenge page, there is a hint that indicates which tiles to use for this challenge. I recommend that you do not tell the children this so that they can discover these clues by themselves.

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The recommended age to start playing this game is 4 years old. Some of the challenges will be difficult for both young and old.

This game will help children develop the following cognitive skills: concentration, spatial intelligence, visual perception, planning and problem solving. Cognitive development is important because it prepares the child for life. For younger children, play is a natural way to learn. Take time to play with children, give them quality time and equip them for life.

I have no affiliation with SmartGames. “SmartGames” is a trademark of Smart NV, Belgium.


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