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Mr. Owl explains the Lunar Eclipse

Beaverly is all upset because she thinks someone has eaten the Moon! She goes to see her friend, Mr. Owl, who explains to her what causes an eclipse of the Moon. During a lunar eclipse, you can’t see the Moon because it is in the shadow of the Earth for a few hours. You surely know that the Earth turns […]

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Beaverly shows us her park

It’s official: our beaver’s name is Beaverly. In this video, she shows us the nature park where she lives. This is where her adventures start… Parc Omega is an animal park located in Quebec, about half way between Ottawa and Montreal (in Canada).

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Name this Beaver!

Hello! I am a beaver and I live in a big forest with other animals. The other animals just call me “Beaver” but I would like to have a nice first name like you humans have. If you want to help me, you can suggest ideas for my name on my blog or on Facebook. […]

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