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Puppet Plays

Puppet Plays

Doing a puppet play with your class is the perfect opportunity to integrate several subjects and to involve all students, regardless of their interests.

  • Create a story together or use the play below. Other plays will be added in the following months.
  • Create the puppets. A great visual arts project where each students can express his or her originality and creativity.
  • Rehearse the play. It’s like an exercise in public speaking.
  • Present the play to the parents or to other classes in your school. Your students will be proud and they will feel valued.

For each play, the downloadable document contains two parts: a “director’s copy” which includes stage directions, and a “puppeteer’s copy” which contains just the dialog. Our Puppet Plays are included with your Pro Membership and do not cost any credits. You are free to print as many as you want for use with your students.

The text of the plays can also be used to tell the story to children.