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Canada’s best Dinosaur Park

Wouldn’t it be great to see what the world was like hundreds of millions of years ago, when dinosaurs were walking on the Earth that hadn’t been touched by humans yet? Cinema has tried to provide us with that experience. The most famous movie in that respect is probably Jurassic Park, based on Michael Crichton’s …

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Hot Chocolate Bomb

Do you remember my snowman soup recipe? Here is another way to give an original gift to prepare hot chocolate: a chocolate bomb. I received this chocolate bomb from a friend. What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? It’s a hollow chocolate ball that contains powder to make hot chocolate marshmallows. Place the bomb carefully in …

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“Smart Farmer”: a fun and educational game

Kids will love the game “Smart Farmer” by Smart Games. The object of the game is to separate the different species of animals by creating pens. The excellent quality of this game is immediately visible and the pieces are very well crafted. The game features a game board that represents a meadow, two horses, two …

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Beaverly visits Omega Park in winter

Hello everyone! I am Beaverly! I wanted to see my friends in Omega Park again. As it is winter now, you will see that the landscape is quite different. We will take a 12 km drive to discover Canadian wild animals like elk, bison, wolves, bears, etc. in their natural environment. The first friends I …

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When a nutcracker has a headache

What to do when a giant nutcracker has been spending many Christmas seasons outside and its head begins to collapse? This is the story of Larry, one of the first builders of my nutcracker model. Actually, I should count him double because he made not one, but two giant nutcrackers that stand guard on either …

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Discovering Lego Classic Box 10698

I bought this Lego box and wanted to show it to you. This box is interesting because it allows you to build different projects. You will also find a small instruction booklet with several construction ideas. But for me, the best part is that you can use the contents in so many ways. One of …

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Basic skeleton surgery

After moving three times, my skeleton lost its head and badly broke one leg! But luckily, with some basic surgery, I was able to fix it. Let’s start with the broken leg, near the hip. I cut a piece of cardboard of the right width and glued it to the back of the leg with …

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Reading and craft activities

Suzanne Gohier of Éditions Caméléa informed me that their website has free activities targeted at kids in grades 1 and 2, that are perfect for keeping children busy while they are confined to their home. These activities are based on books about Camelea, a very active little girl, her brother Carl and their friends. Reading …

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Nutcracker Parade

The nutcracker tradition probably originates with the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, written by German author E.T.A. Hoffman. This story was adapted for ballet by Alexandre Dumas and the music was created by the famous composer Tchaikovsky. Since The Nutcracker story takes place during Christmas, it’s easy to see how the elaborately carved …

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Camper’s Christmas

For most people, Christmas weather is too cold for camping in Canada. So why not create the magic of Christmas in July? In fact, that is a tradition in many campgrounds across Quebec. This year, a group of campers, inspired by my book How to make a Giant Nutcracker, created not just one but four …

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A surprisingly smart video game

I am not a big fan of video games. I think children these days spend too much time in front of a screen rather than interacting with real-world objects. I am convinced that kids learn a lot more about geometry and spatial relationships by doing crafts that make them cut out shapes from cardboard, paint …

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Saint Patrick: Fake bishop or real saint?

Saint Patrick is one of Ireland’s three patron saints, because he was the one who introduced the Christian religion to that island in the 5th century. Among the miracles he is given credit for is the fact that by the force of his prayers, he would have banished all snakes from Ireland. But should we …

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