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Where to Buy Supplies

Paper plates

For better results, we strongly recommend plates made from molded cardboard.
They are sold under the brand name “Chinet” in most department stores.
(In Canada, the brand name is “Royal Chinet”).

LED Candles

You can buy LED votive candles on Amazon.


Acrylic paint can be found in artist supply stores.

Beads and jewelry

See the huge selection at PandaHall (paid link).

Tubes for the giant nutcracker

Depending on the country and the manufacturer, the big tubes (12″ and 6″) are called Concrete form tubes, Tubular forms, or Piling tubes. Sometimes they are referred to by the brand name Sonotube.

In North America, they can be found at building supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s (USA) or Rona (Canada). In Great Britain, you could try website Cardboard Tubes.

For the arms, you can use mailing tubes that are available in office supply stores or at Amazon.

All kinds of supplies

See our Craft Supply Store.