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Birds Posts

Canada geese migrating south

I observed Canada geese in the fall. Several times, I thought they were leaving but they were only practising. Then one day, when they felt the winter was coming, they took off for real. A magnificent sight.

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Emperor Penguin Facts

Penguins. They are some of the most majestic and tough birds around. The largest group of all penguins, is the Emperor Penguin. Our paper plate penguin project is a replica of the Emperor Penguin. If you can’t quite recall what the Emperor Penguin is or what the importance of this bird is, then think about the …

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The geese are back

Winter is unusually mild and it already feels like spring. Apparently the Canada Geese think that as well. I have heard several flocks fly over, towards the North. When you talk about bird migrations with your students, making a Canada Goose with paper plates can be a very exciting project, especially for grades 4 to …

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