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Halloween Posts

Basic skeleton surgery

After moving three times, my skeleton lost its head and badly broke one leg! But luckily, with some basic surgery, I was able to fix it. Let’s start with the broken leg, near the hip. I cut a piece of cardboard of the right width and glued it to the back of the leg with …

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The little sorcerers make their hats

I gave a workshop for a group of 33 kids from 5 to 11 years old. Each child created his or her own sorcerer’s hat and painted it using their imagination. As you can see, there was a lot of creativity! If you want to make a sorcerer’s hat too, visit the Halloween crafts section …

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Why Pumpkins at Halloween?

Many children want to know where the tradition of carving pumpkins originated from. This tradition actually dates back hundreds and hundreds of years ago and was an integral part of the Celtic religion. Before October 31 was known as Halloween, it was known as Samhain, a Pagan holiday that celebrated the conclusion of summer along …

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