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Puppets Posts

Monkey puppets in action

Although monkeys are apparently our ancestors (speaking in evolutionary terms), they often behave in ways that make us laugh. Have some fun making faces with the Animaplates monkey puppet in this video.  Then, make the puppet and invent a silly story yourself! The Year of the Monkey Maybe it’s not surprising that the Chinese Horoscope …

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Why do pandas eat bamboo?

Giant pandas are bears, hence carnivores. But their main food source is a plant: bamboo. And the disappearance of bamboo, due to the clearance of forests, is one of the most important factors threatening the survival of pandas in the wild. So how come that the panda, that like all bears should be carnivorous, got …

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Paper bag puppets – for kids?

I think that paper bag puppets are a marvelous crafts for kids, an ideal way to bring out their creativity, both in creating the puppet and in acting out a story with it. Paper bag puppets are low cost, recyclable and you probably have some paper bags in your kitchen already so that you don’t …

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What colour is your dog?

Do you think that you can’t do art with very young children?  I don’t! I think that you just have to choose an appropriate activity and, if necessary, adapt it yo their age. But that theory was put to the test when I was asked to make Woofie the dog puppet with a group of …

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How to put on a puppet show

I am delighted to be able to announce that we added a new section to the Animaplates web site. In it, you will find our first puppet play script: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. (Since this article was written, other puppet play scripts have been added. There are also links to the instructions for making …

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