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Thought of the Week Posts

The power of the internet

Who would have guessed a few years ago that through my projects on the internet I would interact with people around the world? Certainly not me! Through these exchanges I even developed many friendships in France! We are all very busy with our own things but through these exchanges we often discover new ideas, new …

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Was it the goose that laid the golden eggs?

When something or someone is the source of something valuable, they are often referred to as the “goose with the golden eggs”.  But where does that expression come from and what does it mean? One of the first references can probably be found in Aesop’s fable The Hen and the Golden Eggs. So, not a …

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Space crafts that boldly go

Last week Neil Armstrong died. The children of today have never seen him walk on the Moon. In fact, they have never seen any astronaut taking mankind such a giant leap forward. But there have been other momentous events in space exploration. Most recently, the pictures of Mars sent back by the rover Curiosity are …

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Earth Day is every day

Earth Day should not only be in April, but all year long! For instructions on how to make this project, see our free video and printable worksheet.

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