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One of the things I love most about the Animaplates website is the feedback that I receive from you, my readers. Especially when it includes pictures of your work.

Creativity can be expressed in many ways, and that is very visible in a big project like my giant nutcracker. I feel very honoured to be part of the worldwide community of people who were inspired by my book to create giant nutcrackers, and I am delighted that this community has members throughout the world.

Here are some pictures that I received. If your nutcracker isn’t shown here, send me a picture and I will add it to my blog.

The first person who sent me a picture of her giant nutcracker was Denise, from the Los Angeles area. That was in the very beginning, when my book was in its preliminary versions.

Mary, from Ontario (Canada), was the first person outside the USA to be inspired by my nutcracker. Her work proves that as far as decoration is concerned, creativity knows no limits.

Larry, of New Jersey, surprised me. Imagine that he made two nutcrackers at once! There are very impressive on either side of his front door.

Connie, in Texas, also started with the base model, and used very distinguished colours to paint her nutcracker.

From South America I received only one picture, but it’s worth a look because Carolina, in Chili, made no less than four nutcrackers!

In New Zealand, Rochelle created a nutcracker couple. I think this is the first time I saw a nutcracker dressed in glittery pink. Bravo!

And there are many other places where people created nutcrackers based on my book. If you are one of them, add a comment with a picture below this article. I am sure that will inspire other artists. Thanks!


  • I just love your nutcrackers and am thinking of making my own. Do you have any problem with the balloon or ball (head) shrinking over time? I am trying to think of something that might hold up better over many years…

  • I created both of these for The Academy for Classical Education.I was the Decorations Committee Chair. The first year I made the male. Everyone fell in love. They begged me to make him a female friend. I enjoyed every minute!

  • I live in uk and was unable to obtain the large tube but l used a sheet of hardboard 38” x 48” and soaked it it then became pliable enough to form it into a tube the 2 sides then came together with a plastic ‘H ‘ strip Did it ok but would prefer to obtain a tube because as I’m 72 now it would be a lot easier for me

    • Hi Wendy! Sorry that you were unable to find cardboard tubes. I looked on the internet and I realize that from one country to another, they don’t always have the same name. I must say that you did a great job of working without a tube. In case you want to make a second nutcracker…here is what I found : https://cardboardtubes.com/construction/ I am working on a second book…hopefully it will be ready in not too long!
      Thank you for sharing a picture of your handsome nutcracker!

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