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Chinese New Year Posts

What does the Chinese Horoscope say about the Pig?

Happy Year of the Pig! I am the twelfth and last sign of the Chinese Zodiac, because I arrived last when they were deciding on the order. It wasn’t my fault: I was sleeping and I didn’t hear the alarm clock. But if you’re born under my sign, that doesn’t mean you are lazy! You …

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Monkey puppets in action

Although monkeys are apparently our ancestors (speaking in evolutionary terms), they often behave in ways that make us laugh. Have some fun making faces with the Animaplates monkey puppet in this video.  Then, make the puppet and invent a silly story yourself! The Year of the Monkey Maybe it’s not surprising that the Chinese Horoscope …

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Chinese lanterns

One of the most festive and lengthy celebrations is the Chinese New Year. This celebration lasts a full 15 days and contains several smaller festivities within it. One of those is the Lantern Festival, which is what our Chinese Lantern project will connect you with! Do you know where the Chinese Lantern began? For those …

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Chinese New Year 2013

Do you know the origin of the Chinese New Year? The Chinese Zodiac precedes Western horoscope by several thousands of years. Legend has it that Buddha felt his end coming so he invited all the animals of the Earth to visit him. Only twelve animals presented themselves to Buddha. In recognition of their visit, Buddha …

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