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Robots and Space Posts

How to make a giant robot

Kids find robots fascinating. Creating a robot is a bit like creating your own toy; it lets children dream and use their imagination. Creating a giant robot is best done as a team activity. Here is what you need to make a giant robot :   It’s better to work as a team to create a …

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How to make a cube out of paper

What better way to explain what a cube is, than having the kids make one themselves? It’s even more fun when they can make a toy with their cubes. Here is a robot made from two cubes. The head can pivot on the body. The patterns for the cubes (or, to be exact: for the …

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Star Trek Into Darkness

I don’t usually write movie reviews, but for me Star Trek always brings back memories of the original series that I watched in reruns a long time ago. I found this latest movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, fun to watch but a bit light on story and heavy on explosions. The visual effects are gorgeous, …

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A robot Top 10

Allow me to introduce you to my giant robot, who was greeting visitors at the entrance to the Museum. In fact, it doesn’t have a name yet! Until March 31, 2013 you can name the robot for a chance to win a copy of my first e-book. I really enjoyed making this giant robot and …

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More Robots

Children kept coming to my “Craft Corner: Robot Workshop” at the Canada Science and Technology Museum all week, to build the robot of their imagination. Already more than 560 robots built, and there are two days left… Creativity abounded. See for yourself! Some comments from participants: Great activity for all ages!  Very well organized. Very …

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Make a robot

A steady stream of kids came to make a robot at my “Craft Corner: Robot Workshop” at the Canada Science and Technology Museum today. This was the first of eight activity days that the Museum organizes for March break. I had created three designs that the kids could choose from to make a robot. It …

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Space crafts that boldly go

Last week Neil Armstrong died. The children of today have never seen him walk on the Moon. In fact, they have never seen any astronaut taking mankind such a giant leap forward. But there have been other momentous events in space exploration. Most recently, the pictures of Mars sent back by the rover Curiosity are …

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