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Preschool board game review: Day & Night by SmartGames

Day and Night” by SmartGames is a game that will help young children develop their eye-hand coordination and their spatial reasoning.

NOTE: In Canada, the French version of this game may be easier to find. Since there is no language component, it doesn’t really matter.

This game consists of a base with 3 posts and 10 brightly coloured wooden blocks of different shapes.

The game comes with an easel booklet containing 24 coloured cards with pictures that must be reproduced using the wooden blocks. It’s a bit like a puzzle where the images change and evolve but where the pieces remain the same.

The goal of the game is to reproduce each of the images on the cards by placing the wooden blocks exactly like in the model. Following the illustrations in the booklet, the child begins with simple models and progresses as they advance in the booklet. That allows the child to develop their eye-hand coordination.

When the child has completed the challenge of the first 24 cards that represent the wooden blocks during the day, it’s time to move on to the next 24 cards that show the shapes during the night, that is to say the shadow of the blocks without their colours and their illustrations. The cards increase in level of difficulty and adapt to the development of the child’s reasoning.

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The recommended age to start playing this game is three years old but younger children could remove and put back the wooden blocks in their own way. That’s how they begin exploring!

I think the game “Day and Night” is a very fun game that will help young children develop their spatial reasoning. The progression of the challenges throughout the 48 cards makes it a game with which they will have fun learning for a long time.


I have no affiliation with SmartGames. “Day & Night” and “SmartGames” are trademarks of Smart NV, Belgium.

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