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Experiments in extremely cold air

In the depth of winter, you may be tempted to stay nice and warm indoors. But look, there are many interesting experiments that you can do outside.

So, put on warm clothes and observe the surprising effect of low temperatures on everyday objects.

Freezing soap bubbles

What happens when you blow soap bubbles outside in winter?

In very cold weather, you can observe the water in the bubble turn into ice and form pretty crystals.

And when you break the bubbles, it becomes like soap flakes.

Breaking cooked spaghetti

What happens when you leave cooked spaghetti in very cold air?

The water in the spaghetti evaporates quickly and the spaghetti becomes stiff and brittle!

Try it!

Making a cloud

How to turn water into a cloud ?

On the one hand, you need almost boiling water and on the other hand, it needs to be -13°F (-25°C) or colder.

Place the very hot water in a deep pan and throw it away from you and up. The water evaporates quickly and the vapor turns into a cloud.

Warning: this experiment requires adult supervision

Caution is required because the water is very hot and you have to dress well to face the cold.

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