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How to protect a table

Most children love visual art activities but these activities can be stressful for teachers, educators and parents. Indeed, as adults, we immediately think of the spills that might occur and the clean up that will follow!

There is a simple solution! Take a roll of paper and cover the table. Use masking tape to hold the paper in place and let the children create, glue and paint their projects without any worries.

Whatever the project, even if the paper on the table gets dirty with paint or glue, it doesn’t matter. When the activity is over, remove the paper and your table is ready to be used for other activities.

Whether in schools, in recreational centres or at the museum, I protect the tables that children will use with heavy paper or plastic. Children can then have fun with their activity without stress and for me the cleanup time at the end is minimal!

So… protect the tables and let the children create!

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