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“Smart Farmer”: a fun and educational game

Kids will love the game “Smart Farmer” by Smart Games.

The object of the game is to separate the different species of animals by creating pens.

The excellent quality of this game is immediately visible and the pieces are very well crafted. The game features a game board that represents a meadow, two horses, two cows, two pigs, two sheep, three water troughs and three pieces of fence to create the pens.

The game comes with a booklet containing 60 full-colour challenges and their solutions. The 60 challenges are divided into 4 levels of difficulty. Each challenge involves arranging the animals on the meadow as shown in the picture and then placing the fences to create a pen for each species of animal.

The difficulty increases gradually throughout the four levels. I like the fact that the initial puzzles get children acquainted with the purpose of the game and as they advance, the assignments become more challenging so that the game always stays interesting.

This puzzle game is recommended for children ages 5 and up, but I think that if they are accompanied by an older child or an adult, a younger child might be able to start playing it.

The Smart Farmer game will help children develop concentration, spatial intelligence, logic and problem solving. In addition, this game will also help acquiring farm related vocabulary.

Smart Games are games for one player but personally I also envision them played as a cooperative game by two or three children together, with each child contributing to the solution of the problem.

Like other games from Smart Games, “Smart Farmer” will provide hours of fun for kids and the rest of the family. Have fun!

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I have no affiliation with SmartGames. “Smart Farmer” and “SmartGames” are trademarks of Smart NV, Belgium.

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