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Beaverly visits Omega Park in winter

Hello everyone! I am Beaverly! I wanted to see my friends in Omega Park again. As it is winter now, you will see that the landscape is quite different.

We will take a 12 km drive to discover Canadian wild animals like elk, bison, wolves, bears, etc. in their natural environment. The first friends I will meet will be elk. The elk are very big. You will recognize the males because they have big beautiful antlers. Sometimes they use them to show how strong they are.

Oh, look now at those deer with the spotted coats, they are fallow deer. Even their antlers are different.

A fallow deer

When you visit the park bring carrots, lots of carrots, because the elk, deer and fallow deer love them!

Along the way you can meet groups of wild boars. Boars are wild pigs and they growl like pigs… you will surely recognize this sound… oink… oink. Wild boars are native to Europe and they are omnivorous, which means they eat all types of food. Did you know that the female wild boar can have 2 to 12 piglets per litter? Twelve… that’s a lot of babies at one time!

Wild boars

Halfway through our drive, we were able to take a walk and stretch our paws. Aaaaah! It feels good to breathe fresh air. During our walk we stopped at the farm where we could see ponies, chickens and goats. One of the goats is very funny when it pokes its head through the tiny window.

After our long walk we stopped at the Cookerie and my humans ordered a beaver tail… A what????? Ah! Phew! It has just been explained to me that this is not a real beaver tail, it is a flat pastry shaped like a beaver tail.

A “beaver tail”

As we resumed our drive, we first encountered some caribous. Then we came across a herd of bison. Bison are huge! Did you know they can weigh up to a ton! One ton is 1000 kilos! Wow! Almost all the bison were exterminated during the construction of the railway across Canada, but luckily they are protected now.

As we continued on our way, we came across gray wolves. From a distance they look like big stones in the snow but if you look closely you may see small groups of two or three sleeping wolves. A little further you will see white wolves. White wolves are very resistant to extreme cold.

While continuing our beautiful drive in the park we saw a black bear. That was a nice surprise because usually during this season they hibernate.

And finally at the end of our drive, we came across a mountain goat with its beautiful white fur, and a group of Alpine ibexes. Goats can jump and easily climb steep slopes. Did you see the size of the horns of some ibexes? They are very impressive!

Thank you for accompanying me on my visit to Omega Park! I hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful park with me in winter!

See you soon!


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