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Winter Posts

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Do you remember my snowman soup recipe? Here is another way to give an original gift to prepare hot chocolate: a chocolate bomb. I received this chocolate bomb from a friend. What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb? It’s a hollow chocolate ball that contains powder to make hot chocolate marshmallows. Place the bomb carefully in …

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Beaverly visits Omega Park in winter

Hello everyone! I am Beaverly! I wanted to see my friends in Omega Park again. As it is winter now, you will see that the landscape is quite different. We will take a 12 km drive to discover Canadian wild animals like elk, bison, wolves, bears, etc. in their natural environment. The first friends I …

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Emperor Penguin Facts

Penguins. They are some of the most majestic and tough birds around. The largest group of all penguins, is the Emperor Penguin. Our paper plate penguin project is a replica of the Emperor Penguin. If you can’t quite recall what the Emperor Penguin is or what the importance of this bird is, then think about the …

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Create snowflakes with Magic Nuudles

There are lots of ways to create a snowflake. We have a few of them on our site. Each craft that you run across, will give you the ability to see snowflakes a little differently. Doing this, is very important for children, because nothing is ever the same for them. You can drive the same …

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Make snowflakes with cotton swabs or lollipop sticks

By Samantha Do you remember making paper snowflakes in school? You would start out with a single sheet of rounded paper and fold it many times. Once folded, you’d break out the scissors and start your design phase. When you were done, it came out with that perfect hexagonal symmetry that is typical of snowflakes. …

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Give a body to your snowman!

By Samantha What does it take to have the complete attention of a child? A project with as much personality as them, of course. Have you ever thought about why video games and cartoons have the profound effect of stimulating kids for hours? It is not just because they can sit on their bottoms and …

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Snowman finger painting

By Samantha As you drive around after a snow storm, what is the number one thing you are bound to see? Other than snow, of course? It will be a snowman or some version of the snow people ‘world’. The best thing about these snow people children create, is that not one is exactly alike. …

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A Snowman for Indoors

By Samantha Frosty used to be the main man for kids during these cold winter months. We would all sit around watching and waiting for the most packable snow, just to steal Dad’s hat and scarf to make our own snowman. With our imaginations, we could do anything with Frosty. Today, it seems that a …

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Indoor activities for kids during the Eastern Blizzard

A major snowstorm is expected to hit the East coast of the United States today. Many children will have to stay indoors instead of being able to play outside, but they still can make a snowman! The following art activities are perfect if you are looking for indoor activities to do with your students or …

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Paper snowflake snowman crafts

Paper doilies give a festive air when you use them at a special occasion on a tray or to serve hors d’oeuvres. The lacy look of paper doilies made me think of snow and that gave me the idea for this snowman surrounded by snowflakes. Make this craft project on a blue paper background to …

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