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Autumn Posts

Autumn leaves

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus Fall can be a source of inspiration for art projects, either on the theme of leaves or on the theme of warm colours, or both combined. Warm colours range from yellow to red-violet on the colour wheel. Warm colours evoke warmth …

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Fall colours and textures

Have you ever visited a farmer’s market in the Fall? I did, and I brought back these pictures. Fall brings us a harvest of fruits and vegetables in all shades of colours, from pale to very bright. What can be more beautiful than a stack of big orange pumpkins? Or a display of squashes in …

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Candleholder made from a pumpkin

Art allows us to express ourselves in many ways. You can be creative with pencils, paint and brush, modelling clay, etc. There are no limits to the forms that artistic expression can take. Art can also be found in the way you decorate a home or a table. Thanksgiving is a good opportunity to use …

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