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Egg carton Posts

A Snowman for Indoors

By Samantha Frosty used to be the main man for kids during these cold winter months. We would all sit around watching and waiting for the most packable snow, just to steal Dad’s hat and scarf to make our own snowman. With our imaginations, we could do anything with Frosty. Today, it seems that a …

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Taunted by an egg carton

I call this new section of my blog “Gems of the Web”. Today I want to introduce you to a true gem of the web; her name is Colette and she lives in France, near the Belgian border. She says she is 65 years old on her blog, but she is so active that it’s …

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Egg carton mushroom

With imagination, egg cartons can be used in all kinds of art projects. And what better way to recycle? The mushroom project is a nice little project for Fall, when mushrooms are most abundant in nature. Making a mushroom from egg cartons is a good way to integrate Art with Science topics. It is a …

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Say it with flowers… egg carton flowers

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the busiest day for telephone exchanges all over the world?  More calls are made on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year.  The day’s call volume even exceeds by 8% that on New Year’s Day. But what makes mothers happier? A telephone call? A card? …

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How to make an Easter Tree

In certain countries, it is a tradition for Easter to decorate a shrub or a tree with painted eggs. But why use real eggs when you can make them yourself using egg cartons?  Paper eggs are a lot lighter and easier to manipulate by children’s hands. They are easier to paint and quite resistant to …

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