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Taunted by an egg carton

I call this new section of my blog “Gems of the Web”.

Today I want to introduce you to a true gem of the web; her name is Colette and she lives in France, near the Belgian border.

She says she is 65 years old on her blog, but she is so active that it’s hard to believe! I invite you to visit her blog and I think that like me, you will simply be amazed!

As you know, I love creating projects with egg cartons but honestly, I think she beats me in that area!

I let her speak now and present her range of activities….

I am over 65 years old and I raised four children. I am a former national basketball player, a referee and a coach. I love to sing, sew, knit, draw, paint on canvas and wood, make watercolours and pastels, create puppet characters.

I have other hobbies like making tiles, masonry, gardening, trimming the hedge, flowering my house, create wooden characters to decorate my garden.

I also like to give workshops for disabled children and other workshops.

I love animals and I take their defense and I love people.

Before, I was a letter carrier and I miss the contacts that my job as a letter carrier gave me.

I also take care of my seven grandchildren when they come on vacation.

I make wedding decorations, I paint on walls and cars.

On a crafty day, I found myself in front of an egg carton, and I wondered what I could do with it.  It was taunting me and from there came a few ideas that I put on my blog.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is small sample of the great talents of Colette with egg cartons!


Coquetier Beads

Xmas Ornaments Puppet



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